great deal Amway

Great deal Amway     

*First consider about why?

Why to join Amway?

You will understand it than it will be easier to understand how to do this business.

Reasons to join:

Part time: 2-3 hours a day or less as you can

Cheap investment: 995 Rs. Joining amount in which you will get license no. to sell products in 90 countries worldwide.

Big reliability: company operates from 1959(50 years) in more than 90 countries. It owns two satellites, 500 scientists, 57 labs. Quality is highest.

Earn from your expenses: great strategy you will learn ahead which can switch the mode by which you can start earning from your daily expenses.

Better future for your sons and grandsons: Amway introduces royalty income for the first time by which you can get money even if you close your business after certain place. Not only will this but your son can replace you if you die after becoming diamond distributor!

--> This is simple market strategy we follow in our daily life.

Company/manufacturer 4 Rs.
Dealer 2 Rs.
Wholesaler 2 Rs.
Shopkeeper 2Rs.
Customer 10 Rs.

If you buy a product for example a pen from market, first you will go to shop. Consider that Pen is of 10Rs. Now company or manufacturer makes this pen at price of 4Rs. mediators (dealer, wholesaler, shop keeper) take their commission in between this. We lose 6Rs. for these mediators. That means we earn our 60% of our income for these mediators.
In 1959, two friends in America decided to break this strategy for the customers. They make their customers as their distributors!

Now the strategy was broken


In just 995Rs. you will become distributor of this amazing company and get license to sell the products in more than 90 countries. You will purchase every product at 20% less distributor price and will sell it at MRP, 20% profit!
Plus you can get 6% to 21% reference commission.
After becoming diamond distributor, you will get 4% royalty income.

*Referral commission

This is totally turnover business. You can refer any from any part of the world. You will make your group and that group will sell products. Selling of 50Rs. =1pv(point value).
Now see the structure of referring. Consider that I have referred you. Every person’s turnover in my group will be counted as my total turnover. As in image, I will receive 25000Rs. that is 500pv turnover. As on this month, you will receive 6% of commission because

300pv = 6%
1000pv =9%
2000pv =12%

As 6% commission you will receive ICICI bank check from company approximate sum of 999Rs. plus you will get 20% profit on each product selling. This is the beginning. You can put as many as you want. The channel system will follow. You will receive commission on the basis of your group’s turnover only.
After achieving to 21% that is 10000pv, you will receive a check of nearly 56000Rs. as go on there are different stages to follow after, Silver to gold to platinum and diamond. As a diamond producer, from this stage the magic begins. Diamond producer will get 4% royalty income that is approximate 200000 Rs. per month. Royalty income is rare. Everyone cannot achieve to the stage where Kishor Kumar and other famous peoples get royalty after their death. But for the first time in this field, diamond producer receives royalty checks and that is lifetime! So this is the system which gives money till lifetime and even after death you can receive money. Seriously think about the system. This is proved amazing turnover based system of making money.


Company has quality products of its own which covers every field home care to food supplements, beauty, personal care. You can visit the website for more details:
Amway has now collaborated with insurance and med clams like max New York life and royal Sundaram, general insurance etc. more and more products and insurance and many others are coming soon. Bharat patrolium, reliance mobile, ICICI bank credit cards have tied up with Amway! You will have more and more options in future. So it is up to you to neglect or take this amazing lifetime opportunity. Make decisions today and receive a better tomorrow.
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We were born to succeed, not to fail: Henry David Thoreau

Great deal Amway